What is Glamping?

/What is Glamping?

What is Glamping?

Original “glamorous camping” has been around since the 1900s when wealthy Europeans and Americans wanted a taste of luxury on their camping adventures to Africa. They would stay in safari tents, often furnished with antique furniture, double beds, Persian rugs and luxury bedding.

Fast forward and today you’ll find that glamping has expanded to more permanent accommodations, comprising anything from premium tented camp “hotels” that include 15-75 stand-alone, semi-permanent structures, private luxury tents in isolated locations to temporary encampments set up based on seasonality.

Today, in the United States, the west has the highest saturation of glamping sites, followed by the northeast and great lakes region. Many existing vineyards, orchards, ranches and other landowners are now capitalizing on the glamping movement by starting up their own glampsites and offering unique experiences without having to leave their property.

The adventurer has a multitude of glamping options for all budgets – from remote to side of highway, outhouses to A/C and luxury baths, all-inclusive to varying types of structures – canvas tents, yurts, tipis, airstreams, wagons and more.

Below are the types of glamping experiences offered in our own back yard.

Premium tented camp “hotels”:

  • From 15–75 stand-alone, semi-permanent structures
  • Often very limited privacy
  • Mix of ensuite and shared bathrooms
  • Typically, shared breakfast
  • Limited experiences and services
  • From $150 – $700 per night per tent
  • Expanding to most National Parks, Hamptons, Asheville, Marfa, Texas Hill Country, Catskills, and more

Luxury tented camp experiences:

  • From private to 15 tents • Often in very private isolated locations offering stunning views
  • Usually ensuite bathrooms, although not always
  • Full electricity, luxury bedding, luxurious amenities
  • Typically all-inclusive camp experience including activities and all meals
  • Various levels of permanence
  • From $1,000 to $5,000 per night per tent

Customized glamping experience:

  • Exclusive use just for your party in isolated areas, including inside the national parks!
  • Completely temporary encampment with luxuries including composting toilets, hot showers, 4 poster beds, tubs, heaters, living and dining tents
  • Private Chef and adventure team with access to hiking, RZR dune buggies, rafting, boating and more
  • From 1 couple to groups of 15
  • From $10,000 for two nights for 2 people excluding activities

Call us to talk about the fabulous range of glamping locations for you and your family.


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